Your Impact

Thanks to our supporters, we have seen tears of joy and happiness from families that we have helped to shape new perspectives in their lives, stay together and above all raise their children in a safe, loving and caring home. The affected families and we at Kipepeo are very grateful for your support.

We say: Asanteni sana, nyinyi ni muhimu sana - "Thank you very much, you are very important."

We need your support

In order to continue our work and help more families to realize a better future, we need your help. Without your financial support, Kipepeo and its team cannot function. Kiwavi Home as a second source of income is not enough to cover all costs.


"More donations help more people."

- Joy, Founder


You can either become a sponsor of the Kipepeo Association or make a one-off donation. To find out more about the Association, please scroll to the bottom of this page. Whether you are a sponsor or a one-off donor, your help enables children to live in a safe home, have opportunities to receive an education, essential resources, a stable income through owning a business, and/or a suitable job for families and family members in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

Become a sponsor

Be a shining light for the future by supporting Kipepeo's long-term projects. The process is simple and easy: fill out the Declaration of Accession with your monthly desired amount, mail it to the listed address or send an e-mail, and begin the process of making monthly donations to Kipepeo. You will receive the latest news and a donation receipt at the end of the year, making you eligible for a tax deduction. (Available only if you currently reside in Switzerland)

Declaration of accession

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one-off Donation

"We like to help people because it gives us pleasure and the money is in good hands with Kipepeo."

- René and Maria


Short-term projects are supported through one-off donations of your desired amount. You will receive the latest news and a donation receipt at the end of the year, making you eligible for a tax deduction. (Available only if you currently reside in Switzerland)

Bank Account



IBAN: CH84 0024 1241 10690401 C

UBS Postkonto 80-2-2

Verein Kipepeo, Stutzligasse 22, 3855 Schwanden




Konto: 0152311928600

CRDB Moshi

Non Profit Organisation Kipepeo, Moshi

Kipepeo association

Kipepeo has been in existence since August 13, 2018, associated under art. 60 ff. ZGB with our primary office in 3855 Schwanden BE, Switzerland. The Association is not for commercial purposes and does not aim for profit. It is politically independent and is based on Christian values.


The purpose of the Association is to support the registered non-profit organization, Kipepeo Family Foundation, with headquarters in Moshi, Tanzania. This is done through financial support, but also through knowledge and idea exchange between members. 


Tax-free Benefit:

If you become a sponsor or donate through the Association, you will receive a donation receipt at the end of the year, which allows you to deduct the donation from your taxes. (Available only if you currently reside in Switzerland)