Farm for Sustainability

Our goal is to cultivate our NGO-owned land. By enabling farming as well as animal husbandry on this land, jobs will be created and the NGO Kipepeo Family Foundation will be financially supported at the same time. This in turn enables us to empower and support other families.


We bought farming land that lays in a fertile area in which various greens and basic foods can be grown throughout the year. Due to the nearby river, fields can be irrigated and animals watered not only during the rainy season but also during the rest of the year.

Keeping the farm animals, such as cows and pigs, raising and selling them, using their meat and milk will generate financial income to our NGO which can be used for more people in need.


Enroll a program where we can provide an animal to a family in need, without using financial donations. Every first born animal of the one we have donated has to be returned to us. This creates a cycle of support that works regardless of finances.


Building the infrastructure for the animal keeping.

  • Chicken house
  • Cow stall
  • Pig's home
  • Security room
  • Planting trees