kipepeo - Stories

We love to share our stories filled with happy, funny, and interesting moments! Enjoy reading about our different experiences and thoughts.

Tabasamu - "Smile"

"Laughing together amuses the soul. Between all the misery and pain, it feels really good! At the picture on the right you see a tiny egg. When I asked who laid it, the Mama answered: "My rooster!" And to my surprise she showed me the potatoes shown in the picture on the left, and told me that they had grown on a tree next to her house. A hen can not lay eggs if there is no rooster nearby. I just had to laugh and thought: Why not? As a European I certainly do not know everything better. I love these people."

- Joy, Leader 


Ndoto - "Dream"

"Sometimes the people we care for are really funny! Like this family here. We built them a house and we've been many times to help. But, they've never resided in the house together. I've never seen more than two family members at a time. Even though we made their life dream come true. Despite that, I know they are grateful and glad for everything we did."

- Zakayo, Employee 


"Tasiana and Veronica are both mothers that gained independence, through running their business. They give us a lot of motivation and are positive people. This gives me faith and strength to continue doing good work for other families. I am proud of them!"

- Nixon Simba, Local Leader 

kiwavi home - Stories

Are you wondering how you will spend your time at Kiwavi Home? Keep reading about what you could experience during your stay!

a special little friend

"I met a very special mate during my stay at Kiwavi Home.

The slowly crossing Miss Polepole always makes people happy when she shows up.


The Team told me that she is living in the hostel area on her for the last five years.

Her name means "slow", because you she walks calmly and steadily.

She will not hurry for anything." 


- Natalie Kaufmann, Guest

the People and culture

If you haven't been to Tanzania, or if you have already visited the beautiful country, each trip brings new insights, stories, and smiles! 

Rainy season

A safari which ended up in a real adventure ...

"In autumn, when we visited our daughter Joy in Tanzania, we travelled to the Tanga region. On our way back home it rained constantly. Bridges and often whole road sections were flooded, broken or washed away. We drove through water that was 1m high, hoping to not get stuck. Everyone was silent when we dove down into the unknown and rejoiced loudly when the whole car surfaced again. We were impressed by the response of the Tanzanians. They were either patiently waiting for the water levels to subside or finding a solution. There were many helping hands and every successful crossing was celebrated loudly. For us it was a great experience to get out of our comfort zone."

- Rolf und Regina Baumann

Memorial Market

"The Dala-Dala is at full capacity, but it seems that in Tanzania, a Dala-Dala is never truly full; helping hands, people squeeze together and we go on. Upon arriving at the Memorial Market, there are colourful crowds of people, wooden stands as far as the eyes can see, washed out clay soil and the movement of people moving to their own rhythm. There are various vendors selling clothes, towels and bed sheets, to customers engaging in bargaining and focused interactions. Joy moves safely trough the crowd. I follow behind, trying to absorb all the sights and sounds. I am fascinated. We are watched with curiosity. Some continue with their daily activities without taking notice, while others show their interest. While looking for towels and sheets, we are approached by helpful, warm humans, as well as those who see their chance to make a profit from us. Humans are Humans - everyone grows and fights in their own way. Navigating through all the happenings and impressions takes a lot of energy, and yet encounters and smiles make up for any feelings of being overwhelmed. Joy negotiates, tells and explains. I listen, understanding only a few words but learning so much. While eating a plate of fresh fruits and drinking Masala Chai we observe the hustle and bustle of the street and have a conversation about people and how we deal with each other: who gives, who takes, how much does our experience and past determine our attitude, and how far can a human being regulate their thinking and acting?

Tired, with a wide range of feelings and some valuable things in our bags and hearts, we reach home which for me, has now become an an oasis into a new world."

- Eliane, Traveller