Go to school with Kipepeo

Our aim is to ensure that children from disadvantaged families also have the chance of education without being separated from their caregivers. Parents should still be able to take full responsibility for bringing up their children and caring for a safe home, shelter, food, healthcare and clothes.


Kipepeo Family Foundation offers the following assistance:

  • Assistance with enrolment in primary school
  • Organising the birth certificate if this is not available
  • Educational counselling, assistance for young people 
  • Financing of school and training costs
  • Assistance in organising and resolving conflicts that may arise at school


You can be the donor of a child, enabling his/hers education.

The budget below includes school fees, uniform, school materials as well as accommodation and daily meals for both:


Secondary School         1 year                                         1’600’000 TZS = 686 USD

Vocational Training       1 course (3 to 6 month)          1’200’000 TZS = 514 USD

Primary School              1 year                                            500'000 TZS = 213 USD


If you are interested in a sponsorship, please send us a message to info@kipepeo-kiwavi.com and we will send you more information. 

Primary school


Class 1

"I am brave! I can be a police man when i am grown up."


Class 2

"My favourite place to be is at home with my father."


Class 3

"I am going to be a soldier."


Class 3

"To become a pilot, that is my dream!"



Class 3

"My brother is sick, i would love to be a doctor."


Class 6

"I like children and wish to be a pediatrician."




"I have two names, an English and my Masai name."



"Elia is my twin brother."



Class 1

"I am a Masai - my whole Family is Masai."



"Malikia is my Twin sister"

Secondary School


Standard 1


Standard 2



Standard 2



Standard 3


"I aspire to become a pilot."

Vocational Training



Car Electrician

"May god open the hearts of the boys that live on the street, as he healed mine."



"When i am done with my Education, i would like to become a Sheikh."



"I dream to play with Manchester United one day."





Car Mechanician


Girls special

"Lucky I was to get the change to move to a Boardingschool. It prevents me from getting pregnant, it gives me hope for a better future and I feel value as a girl and woman to have the right to study." 

- Fatuma, Student

  • If a young woman gets pregnant she gets suspended from school. It is prohibited to continue with her education.
  • Many are told to stay home, care for younger siblings or have to work hard for the family's home after and before school.
  • Young girls who grow up in poor societyis often sleep with different men to get money to cover their needs of living.
  • In case a family has not had enough money for all children to go to school, the boy gets chosen to attend and the girl stays at home.
  • Some tribes believe, it is not necessary for a woman to get an education due to early marriage and her responsibility to care for the family. It is the man's task to provide finances to the family.



A child's Voice

"Hi, my name is a secret ! :) 

 I love my mama and gave my best to help her even though my childhood was not easy. I am the thirdborn of 10 children and our Mama raised us basically alone. I'm so proud of her, giving always her best to show her love to us and give us the best life she could. Early already i was supposed to take over responsibilities which were my father's, who never helped. I ended up living at friends homes, having fun with other kids living in the slum area and started missing school. Often the schoolfees were not payed anyway. I got a girlfriend and do not know if the baby she got was from me. But i got despensed from school, because i was her boyfriend and had to carry the responsibility of making a girl pregnant, what is prohibited as long as both attend school. However, in an argument with the guy, who i believe she betrayed me with, the baby felt and died. On top of everything I was so angry with one of my little sisters that I was told if I would show up at home, the village leader will bring me to the police. My behavior was formed from my difficult environment i grew up and it seemed to push me deeper and deeper.

Kipepeo Family Foundation is my last chance to take a turn and change my life. I want to be responsible for myself and my future! I agreed on their help and am attending now a boarding school to finallize my last years. I am glad that they fighted for me. They did not give up on me, when everyone else did! I want to believe in myselfe because they do. I am going to have a good future!"

-Secret Boy