Street outreach


  • Most of the children who are living on the street are boys. Girls get involved with prostitution or housekeeping.
  • A high percentage of street affected children are not orphans. They mostly have living family members.
  • Some of the children live part time (for earning and living) on the street and some full time (plus sleeping)
  • The reason why children choose to run from home are: lack of basic needs and care, abuse of any kind and lack of financial ability.

What we do


Twice a month we gather all the boys living part time or full time on the street and eat with them on the street. It helps us to gain their trust, get to know them better and listen to their dreams, wishes and fears. Advice is given our sides and a relationship can be built between Kipepeo's social workers and the boys.


Those children are so much more than street children. Help us create a future for them, where they are no more defined by the street. Every child gets individual help to grow out of the situation he is stuck in. Our social workers empower them with the care they were lacking elsewhere, giving an opportunity to do education and guiding them with a lot of empathy. 


As we believe that it is very important for every child to be connected to its roots, we offer the boys to help build a bond with their relatives. We assist by the re-connection with their families and communities, so they can be part of a caring and more safe society again.

Stories of Impact

Interview with Iddy on our Storypage.

"I am special every day. I like myself - and also my little sister thinks that I am special. She knows I am her big brother and that I would always love and care for her."

- I. A

"I started my own busines a while ago and I am so happy about how it is going. I am healing, growing, learning day by day. So glad i never gave up believing for change."

- J.S