Kipepeo Family Foundation

KIPEPEO is a registered Non-Profit-Organisation which supports families under difficult living conditions in rural areas around Moshi, Tanzania. The goal is to reduce the amount of children living on the streets or growing up in an orphanage. Besides the organization we run a hostel under the name KIWAVI HOME which aims to support KIPEPEO financially.


KIPEPEO "Butterfly"

KIWAVI "Caterpillar"


As every caterpillar is able to turn into a wonderful butterfly,

after all the struggle he went trough,

we believe every difficult situation humans are living in,

can be turned into a fulfilled life!

May some of them need some help.

A listening ear, some shared ideas and love to grow.

Help us to empower our families

to turn into butterflies and within to a wonderful life!

"Last night I went to bed with freedom in my heart because I knew I earned money by myself today and I did it great."
Veronica Mama

"Thanks to KIPEPEO for the chicken. That they make it possible for me to get education and for helping my Mama to have a job where she is still able to care for my brother. Thank you for everything you did for me and my family. God bless you!" 


A Family Belongs Together

We believe that every child has the right to grow up in a family. Many children living on the streets or in an orphanage still have living relatives. When we enable one family to get social and financial stronger, we can help up to eight children. Parents should learn to be responsible for their own children again. To grow up in a family is one of the most important bases in a child's life. Our wish is to give all children an opportunity to be raised in a beloved and safe environment.

How do we help