our founders

The first time we met was in 2017. Soon after, we realized that we both have big hearts and want to help people achieve their goals. 

Nixon Aqulin Simba, Tanzania

Founder & Local Leader


One part of my family did not want me and the other part who wanted to care for me had no money and lived in a bad environment. I grew up suffering and fighting since I was born. The feeling of not belonging anywhere and suffering due to the lack of money was always with me. When I was six years old, I had to live on the streets. It seemed to be the only option to me at this point. Luckily, one day I was found by one of the NGO`s in Moshi. But even there I sometimes ran away because I wanted to belong to a family and not to an orphanage. It was never good for me to grow up apart from my family. When the social workers left, I stood there alone, and the relationship between my parents and I broke in a way that can never be fixed. I want to empower and educate families, so that children don't have to face the same sorrows I once did. I believe if my parents had received support, I would have had a much better childhood. I have lost many friends that lived through similar circumstances. I thank God that there were people who helped me the best they could. I want to do everything to make the life of children here better and believe the way to do this is by empowering their families.

Joy Baumann, Switzerland

Founder & Leader


I grew up in a family with loving and caring parents and brother. Due to personal struggles later in my life, I know how it feels to suffer. This is why I wish to give others a chance to live a life full of happiness and confidence. I believe we as humans should share more of our warm heart. Share a smile, a hug, listen to someone or laugh with someone. Sharing life with people who love you means a lot to me. That's what helped me through my own struggles. In a family you are protected and loved. It is an important space to share life's experiences. With our projects, I would love to give everyone the chance to share their life with us and their family.

"I wish to

give children back

what I did not have

when Iwas 

a child."

- Nixon Simba

"I love children

more than anything else

and made it my life goal

to protect those amazing little humans."

- Joy


As the scripture says; it is the responsibility of everyone to give hope to those who have lost their own. Lets join together to enable inhabitants of Tanzania to reach prosperity and a fulfilled life. I’m inviting everyone to contribute to this organization and being part of bringing happiness again to those who have lost theirs. 


I’m born in Kilimanjaro region and so happy to work now here at Kipepeo, helping different people in need and make them reach their goals. I love to have a job where I can bring back a smile to those who thought they are forgotten by the society.


-John Agustino, Teamleader