Our HElp

Every family has a different past, different resources and different struggles. Based on their individual life situation we do find fitting solutions such as:

- Starting a business (microloan)

- Help to find a job

- Enable children to get education

- Giving social and financial advices

- Risk support (health, social, financial)


Risk support often happens at the beginning when we get a new family to work with. There has to be a lack of basic needs such as food, house, health or safety.


Below you can see some examples of our work we have already done. It gives you an impression of what we do and what an impact we make in the communities. For more projects have a look at our story page.

Vegetable Business

Veronica is a widow and Mama of two teenagers who we empowered to sell vegetables. We helped her to get a place at the local market, did provide some of the materials and gave advices on how to run the business profitable. She goes to the central market in town to buy the vegetables and sells them later at the local market near her home. Now her daughter can go to get education and they have enough money to pay for their basic needs again.


In the slideshow you can see a self-constructed shower we built for a family in a village. It is made from affordable, functional and local materials and easy to build. We assist as well with creating a safe living space such as building bathrooms, toilets, roofs or even rooms and houses. KIPEPEO already did and will continue to provide that kind of help if there is an urgent and important health case. For example the house you can see on our story page, we made for a family who is affected by albinism. It was built because it is extremely dangerous for albinos to be permanently in the sun.


No father, a boy living with relatives, the girl living with her Mama and her brother Clemens who needs a lot of care due to his disability. It is touching to see how lovely they care for him. The problem is that it kept the mother away from working and the sister from getting education. There was no way out because anyone was ready to care for a disabled person his age. We supported the Mama with one month rent of a room next to their home where she can keep chickens. Further she got provided with some material and food for them. The first time buying chicken she got financially supported and now she can run the business on her own by selling the raised chicken to restaurants so that they have meat. She get profits and buys small ones to raise again.

"Now I am able to care for my son while I am working and have enough money for his medicine. And my other children can get an education. I am so happy. "Tasiana, Beneficary

Enable education

Schoolfees are taken care of when parents are yet not able to pay for it themselves. We provide that help because many children living on the streets run away from home due to the lack of ability to get an education.

Our Partners

 We are thankful for the cooperation with the Social Department of the Moshi Municipal and for the trust we get from many different village leaders and social workers who are based in the surrounding communities. We often exchange thoughts and ideas with Pamoja Tunaweza as well and get to work with The Toa Nafasi Projekt, which are both registered NGOs in Tanzania. Sometimes there are also churches who share their wishes and ideas on how or whom to help in their area as well. Staying connected and working together is necessary to be able to reach a real, long lasting change. Without our partners we would not be able to reach out to the families who need our help the most.

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How we find a new family

As mentioned above we do have different partners who assist us to identify the most needing families. Other social organisations  hand us cases over, which fit our work profile better. The social welfare uses us to help them realizing help at different cases in their family department and the village leaders lead us to the families which they think are suffering the most under their current life circumstances.


In the beginning, there is always a visit at the new families home planned. During the first visit we get an impression of the family and their problems. If possible we write down all the important facts and information. Further visits follow, during which the KIPEPEO team gets to know the family better. This also results in individual solutions to change their current life situation into a more stable, safe and worthy life. You will find a short summary about our solutions at the top of the page and concrete examples under the title: Projects.


"Family work is relationship work. Not only for the family itself, also for us as a team. It means to spend a lot of time with the affected people. It means to have a huge heart, always a listening ear and to bring a lot of compassion. We need patience, empathy and sometimes as well a bit of strictness. Every even so small step towards a better future is worth it." Joy, Gründerin