Declaration of accession Kipepeo Society
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Kipepeo Society Switzerland

Since 13.8.2018 exists a Society named by "Kipepeo". The Society was founded for the purpose of Art. 60 ff. ZGB based in 3855 Schwanden BE, Schwitzerland. It is politically indipendent based on christian values. The Society aims to assist the registered non-profit organisation Kipepeo which is located in Moshi; Tanzania. Support will be given by financial and material help, but as well with helpful thoughts and new ideas from the board members. Our main goal is to raise funds and assist Kipepeo to develop their project. The Society has no commercial purposes nor does it strive to have own profit. 

Sponsor of Kipepeo Society

As a sponsor, you support the work of our Society for the benefit of the non-profit organisation Kipepeo Tanzania and  take a part on, that street children, families, and individuals with difficult life situations get locally help.

How to become a sponsor

To become a sponsor we kindly request to sign in the declaration of acession Kipepeo Society.  The file for it will be found at the end of this page. (If you send us te declaration per e-mail, you don't have to sign it by hand)


Please send this application per post or e-mail to:    

Postadress: Verein Kipepeo, Stutzligasse 22, 3855 Schwanden, Switzerland



è  To reduce costs and effort we will reply by e-mail if possible.

è  An One-time Donation is welcome as well, also without being a sponsor.