Family Work

We try to find individual solutions for families and their future. At the Moment we are helping five families to get independent again. It is important for us that the children grow up with love, enough food, a safe home and the possibility to get educated.

House in Rombo

Sometimes our help starts at the very beginning of having basic needs. With one of our actual Families we built a house and a shower, so that they have a worthy place to live and get protected from deseas and sickness especially because they have two albinism sohn. It was a blessing to see how happy they where to have a shower. And soon a house to live in too.

MAma's Business

 Two of our Mama's got already Independent again. One of them is selling Samosa and the other one Coal for cooking. From now on they should be able to care for their children by themselfes again.

Mama Ema is starting her business right now. Her dream is it to have an own small shop one day. We will help her starting to sell fruits what enables her to rais up her children in a good way and archieving her personal goals too. Untill she has a stable income from selling fruits,we employed her two days a week at Kiwavi Home.



Sometimes we relieve families with a sponsorship of one or more of their children. The sponsorship aims to help carrying school costs.

If you are interested please contact us on our email for further informations and we can be able to connect you with a child who needs your help.